Dr. Lauren Feldman

Dr. Lauren Feldman was raised on a farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where she was riding a horse before learning to walk. Her mother, who taught in Manhattan, would frequently bring Dr. Feldman with her to work, and Dr. Feldman quickly fell in love with the city lights. Dr. Feldman completed her B.A. in psychology at Barnard College, at the time not realizing how useful her degree would be in the field of pediatrics. Dr. Feldman completed her doctoral training at Harvard School of Dental Medicine, where she supplemented her course work with public health research and public policy courses. Her training included two years of classes at Harvard Medical School, which cultivated her interest in providing dental treatment to medically complex patients. To further advance this knowledge, she completed her post-doctoral training in the specialty of pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

Dr. Feldman enjoys spending time with her patients and establishing trusting relationships. She finds that this is a crucial element to a successful visit. She is passionate about ensuring that coming to the dentist is a positive experience for each patient and for establishing good oral health practices from an early age. Outside clinical practice, Dr. Feldman serves as the associate director of the predoctoral program at New York University in the department of pediatric dentistry and derives great satisfaction from teaching dental students.